Counseling I

Counseling OSCE cases for NAC-OSCE and CSA for IMGs in Canada and FMGs in the US

  • Date Posted

    February 26, 2017

  • Duration

    2 Hours

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Counseling I

Counseling stations are undeniable part of each OSCE exams in which not only the candidates knowledge but also their communication skills and doctor-patient interpersonal skills are also evaluated. Therefore in 2 sessions we will go through all possible counseling stations in OSCE exams. Our focus will be on current guidelines on medical issues while keeping a strong vision on the Canadian style of communication in such stations. The importance of being interactive with the patients rather than lecturing them will be emphasized. Many real OSCE cases will be practiced in the class followed by immediate input on candidates strengths, weaknesses and immediate constructive feedbacks will be provided.

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