Mock Exam II

Comprehensive set of OSCE stations for international medical graduates (IMGs) taking NAC-OSCE in Canada or FMGs taking CSA exam in the United States following USMLE exams

  • Date Posted

    February 2, 2018

  • Duration

    10 Stations

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Mock Exam II

This will be a set of 10 OSCE stations in which candidates abilities on history taking, physical examination, counseling, communications skills and ethics will be assessed. Majority of the stations will have NAC-OSCE type format, however there will be a few stations with the MCCQEII format as well. In each room there is an MD as examiner and a role player as standardized patient. Attending the OSCE mock exams not only will familiarize the candidates with the real exams format and scenarios, but also it will take away the anxiety level that one might experience in real exam. Attending mock exams is strongly recommended for all IMGs.




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