Trauma OSCE for international Medical Doctors in Canada. Useful for FMGs who are preparing for CSA or USMLE of the American Exams

  • Date Posted

    February 23, 2017

  • Duration

    6 hrs

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Having adequate knowledge to handle a trauma station is “a must” for every IMG who is preparing for MCCQE2 or NAC-OSCE exams. At this 6 hour session we will teach the common trauma stations which have shown up in the Canadian OSCE exams; then we will walk you through the appropriate OSCE oriented management skills you will need to handle these complicated stations in limited allotted time. These stations are quite dynamic and would require an organised approach to combine relevant history, appropriate physical exam along with real time management of the supposedly traumatized patients. Any waste of time or failure to recognize and address the critical¬†circumstances of the patient could lead to complete failure at these stations. This session is strongly recommended to all IMGs if they are looking for highest level of confidence in such critical stations.

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