OSCE Courses

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OSCE Courses

Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) is a unique doctor-patient encounter in which the candidate’s clinical knowledge, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and their readiness to enter a residency position are assessed through a very delicate standardized doctor-patient encounter within allotted time.

As this type of exam is unique in North America in which they use standardized patients, without having a good understanding of the philosophy of OSCE it will be impossible to pass this exam. It is not uncommon to see the most knowledgeable IMGs failing this exam. Without getting involved in an OSCE preparation course it will be very challenging to rank high among many IMGs who attend this exam.

We are pleased to announce that the true foundation of teaching OSCE tips and tricks in efficient way was pioneered by Ontario IMG School since 2001. We continue to help IMGs master their OSCE exam by holding OSCE courses twice a year. These sessions are six hours long and are held during the weekend. Each session covers different OSCE scenarios while providing opportunities for students to practice with the standardized patients (SPs) in order to take history, perform physical exam, or provide counseling.

Immediate feedback is given while reviewing the scenario in detail. Each OSCE course includes two mock exams in which students are exposed to real exam OSCE scenarios and get the opportunity to receive feedbacks with respect to their strengths and weaknesses. They will also know their ranking compared to other students of the class and consequently assess their readiness for the actual OSCE exams.

To this date our OSCE courses and mock exams have been the most successful ones in North America.


OSCE Courses

  • ontarioimgschool-osce-cources-medical-general-surgery

    General Surgery

    At this session we examine all possible OSCE scena

  • Ethics-General Approach-Hematology/Endocri-English Tutorial -Mock Exam


    A 6 hr focused session on OSCE oriented cardiology

  • Mock Exam Review-Cardiology-Orthopedics-OSCE Full Cours


    At this session the focus will be on common gastro

  • Counseling I

    Counseling stations are undeniable part of each O

  • OntarioIMGSchool-Pediatrics

    Pediatrics II

    This is the second series of pediatrics cases in O

  • ontarioimgschool-osce-cources-medical-cardiology-general-surgery-obstetrics-and-gynecology

    Obstetrics and Gynec

    A 6 hr session on hot OSCE topics of obstetrics an

  • ontario-img-school-IMG_general-approch-to-os-1

    General Approach to

    At this session the main focus will be on analyzin

  • ontarioIMGschool-Back-Pain-Chiropractor_Orthopedics-Rheumatoog


    Every OSCE exam includes at least one or two ortho

  • Ethics

    Ethics OSCE stations are mostly challenging statio

  • Counseling II

    Continuation of the counseling session on remainin

  • OntarioIMGSchool-Pediatrics-kids-Cardiology

    Pediatrics I

    We will review the first series of pediatrics OSCE

  • OntarioIMGSchool-Respirology-chiropractor-cardiology


    Review and analysis of the common OSCE respiratory

  • Trauma

    Having adequate knowledge to handle a trauma stati

  • OSCE full Package included: General Approach to OSCE - Hematology/Endocrinology - Ethics - Psychiatry I - Psychiatry II- General Surgery - Neurology - GI - Mock Exam I - Obstetrics and Gynecology - Respirology - Pediatrics I - Pediatrics II - Counseling I - Orthopedics I - Counseling II - Cardiology - Trauma - Mock Exam II - Mock Exam II/ Review

    OSCE Full Courses

    OSCE full Course Package includes: General Approa

  • ontarioimgschool-osce-cources-medical-psychiatry-2

    Psychiatry II

    This session is continuation of the psychiatric st

  • ontarioimgschool-osce-cources-medical-psychiatry-1

    Psychiatry I

    At this session essentials of an OSCE psychiatry s