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There are two different ways to Register at The Ontario IMG School:

  • Online full course OSCE registration (Click here)
  • Offline  full course OSCE registration (use the information and forms below)

Application (offline registration):
Applications for the OSCE course and Written prep courses are available below:
OSCE Course Registration Form (PDF format)
Cost of course is $2300.00 –  which could be paid in one installment, or 3 installments.

Written Exam Course Registration (PDF format)
Cost of course is $2300.00 –  which could be paid in one installment, or 3 installments.

Mock Exams:
Mock QE2 Type (PDF form)

Cost of QE2 type Mock Exam is $380 +HST (please call for special form)

Mock Exam Registration (PDF format)
Cost of NAC-OSCE type Mock Exam is $350.00 +HST

To receive an application form you can download the applications from this section, or you can request an application form by sending an e-mail using the feedback form in the Contact Us section. The last option would be calling us at: (416) 788-0-IMG (0464) and asking a hard copy to be mailed to your address.

The total fee for the Extended OSCE Course including the two mock exams is $2300+HST. A late registration fee will apply to those who register after the deadline for all courses
Please read the FAQ section for our policies on late registration, withdrawal and non-refundable registrations. Please read the registration forms for the dates of post-dated cheques. All post-dated cheques must be enclosed with the application form. If one does not have a chequing account, can send a money order or pay by cash.

Each student must submit 2 recent photographs
( 2″x 2″ in size) along with the registration form and payment.