Daniel Dickson

Daniel Dickson has been a Standardized Patient (SP) with the Ontario IMG School since 2001. In addition to his academic education on theater history and acting, he has certain qualities which make him our top role player among many other role players that we have had so far. He is not only a real actor with several stage performances, but also he has a distinct ability to pick up the pitfalls of the students and make right feedback on their communication skills both in terms of verbal and non-verbal issues.

His 18-year-role playing experience with the Ontario IMG School has made him very unique with regard to understanding the core values of variety of roles, making him very capable in giving the appropriate feedback to improve the quality of performance by our students. Daniel has amazing memory in registering every details of a candidate’s performance on a case, which help him make a very efficient feedback on individual candidate’s performance. His presence is a great asset to the Ontario IMG School.

Dr. S. Rezaie

Dr. Shaghayegh Rezaie attended the OSCE preparation course of the  Ontario IMG school in summer 2013. Dr. Rezaie displayed great knowledge and clinical skills in the teaching sessions and ranked high in OSCE mock exams run by the school. Her efforts paid off and she got a very high NAC-OSCE score and successfully matched to the MLPIMG program in Manitoba. She finished the program with great success and after a few years practice in Manitoba as a family physician she returned back to her home province of Ontario. Dr. Rezaie is currently practicing as a family physician in Toronto and has contributed to the school as an instructor and counselor.

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Ellie Darvish

As the administrator of the Ontario IMG School, Ellie deals with students registrations, course scheduling, running mock exams and answering all inquiries made by foreign trained doctors who arrive in Canada and are looking for a course to pass the Canadian exams for IMGs.

Dr. Cyrus Salimi

Dr. Cyrus Salimi is a graduate of The University of Tehran who moved to Canada to pursue his medical career in the mid-1990’s. At that time, only 24 positions were available for the IMGs in Ontario which made it very challenging for IMGs to enter the system.  After experiencing a lot of disappointment, most IMGs gave up.  Dr. Salimi  pursued his goals knowing that it might be  difficult challenge.  As he puts it:  “Sometimes  I thought I should give up, but something inside me  told me to keep going.”   After passing the required exams for IMGs, Dr. Salimi was admitted to McMaster University and finished his specialty training in Internal Medicine. He then further  advanced his career by obtaining and completing a 2-year-fellowship position in Rheumatology at McMaster University. Dr. Salimi practiced as a rheumatologist both in Ontario and Nova Scotia and he is also American Board Certified in internal medicine. Currently he spends most of his time assisting IMGs through planning and teachings. To date,  he has  helped hundreds of IMGs pass their Canadian exams and enter the system successfully.

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