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All materials produced by the Ontario IMG School are protected by copyright law. Any reproduction by any means will be considered violation of copyright and will be subject to prosecution.

Copyright means the sole right to produce, reproduce and copy a work.  In Canada, all original creative works are automatically protected by copyright upon their creation and protection applies whether or not a copyright symbol appears on the material. Only the copyright owner or its authorized licensees have the right to decide when and how the work is to be copied, altered or made available.

Ownership: Under Canada’s Copyright Act, the author of the work is generally the owner of the copyright. If the work is created during the course of the author’s employment with the Ontario IMG School, the employer holds the copyright, unless there is an agreement to the contrary. Students shall not lend their notes to someone else to copy. All of the notes are intellectual property of the Ontario IMG School and are subject to copyright law even after being distributed to the students.

Commitment and Responsibility: All employees and students of the Ontario IMG School are required to abide by the Copyright Act, relevant policies, and all institutional licensing agreements – and they can be held liable for non-compliance.

All employees, students and clients should report any real, perceived or believed infraction of the Copyright Policy to the Administrative Office of the Ontario IMG School. This could be done by calling the School line at 416-788-0464 or sending an email to the administrator.

Where incidents are found to be in violation of the Policy, and depending upon the severity of the situation and its impact on the School, the School will exercise its rights and obligation to take appropriate action, up to and including taking the matter to a court of law.

No one can use a tape recorder, video camera or any electronic device to record the sessions. Recording by any means is NOT allowed in any of the sessions. Anyone found recording the sessions will be suspended immediately with no refund and the matter will be forwarded to the administrator of the School.

Mock Exams: The internal students who have registered for the course are entitled to take the mock exams at no extra cost; however if they are a “no show” on the day of mock exam, they will not be entitled to any reimbursement of their mock exam fee, nor they can transfer the missing mock exam to the next semester.

External students can sign up for the mock exam after paying the required fees. The spots for the mock exam are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Registered (Internal) students are given top priority in terms of the sign up procedure, unless the mock exam is specified as an “Optional” mock exam, meaning that everyone (both internal and external students) can sign up at the same time. Once the external applicant payment is received, the registration is confirmed and a spot is reserved for the candidate. The payment must be received no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Without a payment, no spot can be reserved or guaranteed. If an external applicant decides to cancel a mock exam appointment, we must be advised of the decision via email or by telephone at least 2 weeks prior to the exam, so we can offer their spot to another external student on our stand by list.

Those who missed the deadline to sign up as an external student for the mock exam can try as a “Stand-by Candidate” on the day of exam, however, a spot cannot be guaranteed for them.

Finance: The fees are set at reasonable level, making it affordable for our applicants.  If paid in one installment, there is a discount.  If paid in several installments, there is no discount. If paid in three installments, all post-dated cheques should be included with the application package. There is a $40 charge for each bounced or dishonored cheque.

The tuition fee is not tax deductible as we are not affiliated with the government institutes. Fees are not transferable from one semester to another unless there are reasonable grounds for doing so. Anyone who was a former “full course” student and decides to register in any of our courses again, will get a 10% discount on tuition fees for the new course.

There is a $30 administration fee for providing any make up notes from previous lectures if the student is not a full course student. If students request an extra session which is not in the schedule, they must pay $100 + HST for any added session in OSCE, and $50 + HST at the door for any added session in the written course.

Those who miss the deadline for registration, can still register while complying with the “Late Registrations” policies mentioned in the application form. If the candidate has missed some sessions but decides to register for the rest of the course, the fee will be adjusted as follows:

-If registering for the OSCE course, $50 will be deducted from the registration fee for each missed session.

-If registering for the written course, $25 will be deducted from the registration fee for each missed session.

Withdrawal Policy: A student may withdraw from the extended course prior to the withdrawal date by writing us a withdrawal letter explaining the reason for withdrawal. The balance will be refunded after deducting a $150 administration fee PLUS the charges for the session(s) and mock exam(s) up to the date of official withdrawal. The charge will include all the sessions and mock exams held by the School between the registration date and the withdrawal date, whether the student had attended or not. If there is a mention of “non-refundable” in the registration form, there will not be any refund if one decides to withdraw from the course.

If the withdrawal from the course takes place before the withdrawal date, the student will be charged for the lectures as if he was attending on a single session basis. As for the mock exam, the fee will be deducted as if the student was an external student.

With respect to withdrawal procedures, all withdrawals must be in writing and must state the reason for the withdrawal. The formal request for withdrawal must be submitted (either in person or by mail) ALONG with the student ID card. The official withdrawal date is considered to be the date that the student request is received along with the student ID and confirmed by the Ontario IMG School.

Consultation Fee: There is a $100 consultation fee for those who wish to come to our office for consultation regarding exams, procedures, and steps for certification.

Administrative Letters Fee: Any letter of attendance, recommendation, reference, etc., from the school can be obtained after the administrative fee is paid. There will be an administrative fee of $50 for each letter to be written, typed, signed and mailed to you.