Mock Exam 2

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Feb 23, 2020
Location: Toronto General Hospital

The OSCE courses include mock exams consisting of ten stations. As for NAC-OSCE there will be ten 11-minute stations, simulating the real NAC-OSCE setting, and for the QE2-type OSCE there will be combination of both 6-minute couplets and 14-minute long stations, simulating the real QE2 OSCE exam. In each station, in addition to the Standardized Patient (SP), an examiner is present who observes the interaction between the candidate and the SP. The examiner completes a checklist for the station and writes an assessment of the candidate’s performance, providing individualized feedback to the candidate.

The SPs also provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the IMG’s communication skills. Following each mock exam, a review session is held, and the checklists and performance rank order sheet are returned to the candidate to keep for their personal records.



I took this course for my NAC preparation and I must say it was excellent. I got an 83 and I would never have been able to do the NAC without this course....”